A list of projects when I was hired as a fulltime developer or freelancer.

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New York (Remote)

The first copy-trading fintech application in United States




A financial tech app, that bridges the gap with Filipinos and credit via multiple products, such as Buy Now, Pay Later, Financial Profile Builder, Investment, Loans for Schools

React • NextJS • Typescript • Google App Engine



A construction tech app, that simplies the process and communication between engineers, contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors and employees. Some notable features include QR Scanner, Offline Mode, and Access Control Management.

React • React Native • Typescript


Melbourne, Australia

An ecommerce app where users can buy wholesale seafood from the best fisheries in Australia. Users are shown in full detail, when the fishes were caught, which region they were from to make the best choice.

React • React Native • Typescript


Auckland, New Zealand

A fintech startup where users effortlessly buy and sell property, Just put the details of the house you want / selling, get details of similar property in the area so you can choose the best price.

React • React Native • Typescript • Docker • NodeJS • MongoDB

Asia Car Driver / Rider


Asia car rider gives you the power to get where you want to go with access to different types of rides such as, luxury, economy or vans. Book your ride and find them in real time.

React Native • Google App Engine


UK, London

Zemedy is a digital therapuetic app that targets users with IBS and help them embark on their journey to healing themselves through lessons and meditation.

React Native • Gatsby • Flutter • NodeJS • Google App Engine


UK, London

Zemy is a gamified digital therapuetic apps that targets children with IBS and help them embark on their journey to healing themselves through games and meditation.

Flutter • NodeJS / Express • Google App Engine

Innovation Junkie Survey

Arkansas, USA

An admin panel that sends out surveys to CEOs and his / her employees for them to filled out, the data is then gathered and compiled neatly into data tables, heatmaps and charts, to help increase the business net profit

React • React Native • Typescript

W Group Registration System

Manila, Philippines

A kiosk registration system setup in the entrance of a building, users register using their face and primary ID. Users are tracked which unit they go to, and if they're still inside the premises or not.

React • React Native • Firebase • Flutter



The portfolio website for a design agency based in Cebu, Philippines. The main purpose of the website was cool designs and heavy animations.




The marketing website for a fintech called Spenmo. Built and designed with speed in mind, I achieved a 98 lighthouse score.

GatsbyJS • GraphQL • Netlify • Netlify CMS

Bold Health

UK, London

The marketing for the creators of Zemedy and Zemy, created with GatsbyJS. Created with speed and efficiency as the main goal, I achieved a 98 lighthouse score with 0.75 second render time, even with a lot of images.

GatsbyJS • GraphQL • Netlify • Netlify CMS


New Zealand

A marketing website for a fintech / stocks company in New Zealand and Hong Kong, All the page content could be edited via a CMS.

GatsbyJS • GraphQL • Netlify • Netlify CMS

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