I'm also passionate about community building and sharing my ideas with others, these are some of the events where I've been invited as guest speaker or I've hosted myself.

Better Error Handling with Axios and Typescript

React Cebu

1 year ago

The livestream was mostly for React Cebu, but reached people from all around the world, like Czech Republic, Canada and Germany!

React Tutorial + Hackathon

React Cebu

2 years ago

A 3 week long course with a capstone project at the end. We had 40-50 attendees each week.

Introduction to Flutter

Google Developer Group Cebu

2 years ago

One of the largest GDG Events yet! Gave a introduction to flutter to around 200-300 participants.

Introduction to React Native

Google Developer Group Cebu

2 years ago

Our debut event for React Cebu, I gave an introduction into React Native to 100+ participants.

Creating Beautiful Designs and Animations with Flutter

Symph x Google Developer Group Cebu

2 years ago

Coding with Dart & Flutter

Google Developer Group Tacloban

2 years ago

Was invited and flown over to Tacloban to be a guest speaker

Google Cloud Study Jam

Google Developer Group Cebu

2 years ago

Was accreditted by Google, to be a proctor and mentor setting up node.js + kubernetes in Google Cloud.

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